The RETURN and REFUND policy of

1) If a customer is buying the products from our online shops, then please make sure to check the products in front of the delivery man after receiving the product.. Later, if any,problems occur than the customer will not be entitled to any changes,but will be given services based on the products provided description.(Warranty)


2) If any manufacturing issues or problems are noticed or discovered then the customer has to inform us within 24 hours via our hotline service.

3) If a customer received a manufacturing defected product than the customer has to inform us within 24 hours via our hotline service. Our specialists will review the product first and then take the necessary steps to change the product if it is in need of replacement.


4) If a customer wants to change the defected product through our delivery service, then a charge Of TK. 100/- has to be paid as a replacement charge inside Dhaka and if out of Dhaka, only the Courier charge is applicable.


5) If a Customer is buying any product from our Web site after reading the description and provided information’s about the particular product and is received successfully without any faults and later if the product is not compatible with your setup or if you do not want it anymore, then you will not be allowed to change or return the product.


6) If customers found broken or packet damaged product then we are requesting not to receive the product from courier service. If the customer receives the courier damaged product then he/she have to take his/her own liability and any kind of complaint won’t be acceptable.


7) Refund charge applies for Bkash / Online / POS payment refund.